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I am nude during the session, and open to erotic breast play, and light touch of my bottom area. Bear in mind that the focus is on you and your body, and the pleasure you receive through the conscious energy work preformed. For this to happen I ask that you sit back, open your heart, body and mind and be receptive to the magical wonders of healing light; the mode of service which I shine Best!

And so to be upfront and to avoid any disappointment if you're looking for full service, or unsafe sexual practices outside of the spiritual realm I offer we are not a good match.

I trust that you will respect my boundaries and not attempt to push them. If I feel pushed I will have cut the session short and request that you leave without a refund.


While I appreciate a positive public mention, or private word of mouth I ask that you respect my privacy and avoid posting reviews on  public forms, review boards or the likes.

Thank you for your ever loving kindness & compassion <3