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Introduction to Tantric Touch

In this 30 minute session Sugar begins to learn your energy; Introducing you to the ambiance of her environment. You will quickly feel at ease as she softly begins to remove blockages that stress the body, not allowing one to fully feel at ease. We then begin to ignite as I practice various forms of my healing practice. Moving you forward from one side to next of inner explosions till you reach the final destination of the journey.. releasing your stress away!!

30 Minutes $120

Tantric Massage 

In this 60/90 minute sessions moving forward with Sugar we will dive even deeper as I fully begin to understand your body, and it's desires allowing prolonged extension of release built up from arousal. With this experience you are guided to a state of enlightenment through deep meditation; Completing as your body, mind, and sexuality are awakened!

60 mins  $200

90 mins  $300

120 mins $400